Hanami Season in Japan

Sakura throughout the day and in various cities

Hanami season is a short time. It lasts approximately about two weeks from the end of March to the beginning of April, when nature wakes up from winter by blooming sakura (a cherry), plum and peach trees. The sight is really amazing and it’s exciting no matter how many times you have watched it. Every time is as exciting as the very first one! I was fortunate to visit Japan four times in a row during hanami season. I was impressed by the sight of sakura blooming while other trees were still bare. Also, I was surprised that flowers on sakura appeared before leaves! Sakura blossoms are different colors – white, light pink, and bright pink. As Japan stretches along from North to South, hanami is not at the same time in Japan. If you’re late to hanami in Kyoto or Tokyo, still you can catch and enjoy it in Nagano or in some other northern prefectures. I like the Japanese tradition of hanami season very much.

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