Toshio Suzuki and Studio Ghibli Exhibition 2024

An inside look at Ghibli from producer Toshio Suzuki

Mar 20th - Jun 18th 2024


Closed: Each month’s first Monday (except when it falls on a public holiday) and end of year Dec 29–Jan 3.

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After captivating audiences across Japan for five years, the highly-anticipated Toshio Suzuki and Studio Ghibli Exhibition returns to the Tokyo area, bigger and better than ever!

This limited exhibition in Yokosuka will share exclusive works of prominent Studio Ghibli producer, Toshio Suzuki, including three-dimensional structures of your favorite Ghibli characters. While the exhibit is in Japanese, prepare to be captivated by the stunning visuals throughout, celebrating the history and inspiration of Studio Ghibli.


  • Discover a room modeled after Producer Suzuki's hideout, "Renga-ya", with 8,800 books that have inspired and shaped his life's works.
  • Find a fortune-telling booth where you reach into the giant mouths of 3-meter-tall Yubaba and Zeniba for a love and fortune-telling omikuji.
  • Three-dimensional objects of Ghibli characters and photo spots will make you feel like you have stepped into the world of the masterpiece, including a large, medium, and small Totoro photo spot!

Much of the event focuses on the cultural inspirations and historical background of the Ghibli creators growing up in postwar Japan, with particular focus on Studio Ghibli producer and former president Toshio Suzuki. Together with Isao Takahata and director Hayao Miyazaki, Suzuki has been a key figure behind many of the world's most famous animated films. Explore the manga and novels from his childhood and three distinct eras of Japan that helped inspire the great curiosity and original ideas behind Studio Ghibli.

Toshio Suzuki
Toshio Suzuki

Experience memorable Ghibli characters and a large number of behind-the-scenes rare original goods that are exclusive to the exhibition. One of the highlights of this exhibition is the fortune teller corner. Put your hand into the mouths of Yubaba and Zenibaba and draw a number to receive a fortune printed with some sage advice from producer Suzuki himself.

Inside look of the exhibition
Inside look of the exhibition

The Toshio Suzuki and Studio Ghibli Exhibition shows us how Toshio Suzuki was inspired and influenced by other novelists and films and how he connected them to his way of thinking. It will also show us how Suzuki has helped to shape the careers of many of Studio Ghibli's most talented animators and what he learned from them as an editor and producer. This Ghibli exhibition will explore the answers to these questions through Suzuki's 8,800 books as well as over 10,000 film works that have inspired and shaped his life's work at Studio Ghibli. Some of the books will be available for visitors to hold in their hands and browse in a room, inspired by Producer Suzuki's hideout, "Renga-ya".

Inside look of the exhibition
Inside look of the exhibition

There will be multiple photo spots to capture your favorite characters and share them with your friends and family. The exhibition will also include hundreds of artworks, paraphernalia, and original designs and storyboards that led to the creation of some of your favorite Ghibli movies.

Inside look of the exhibition
Inside look of the exhibition

Toshio Suzuki and Studio Ghibli Exhibition runs from March 20 (Wed)–June 18th (Tue) at the Yokosuka Museum of Art and will require advance reservation, which can be made at LAWSON and MINISTOP Loppi.


If you are visiting from the Tokyo or Yokohama area, the Keihin Kyuko Line from Shinagawa or Yokohama Station is recommended.
From western Kanagawa the JR Yokosuka Line is recommended.

Using Keihin Kyuko Line 

From "Umaborikaigan" station, take the Keikyu bus bound for "Kannonzaki" (Su24, Ma24) (approx. 10 minutes), get off at "La Vista Kannonzaki Terrace, Yokosuka Art Museum Mae (approx. 2 minutes walk).

From "Uraga" station, take the Keikyu bus bound for "Kannonzaki" (Ura 3) from bus stop No. 1 at Uraga Station, get off at the last stop, "Kannonzaki" (about 15 minutes), and walk for about 5 minutes.

Using JR Yokosuka Line

Take the Keikyu bus bound for "Kannonzaki" (Su24) from "Yokosuka" station, platform No. 3. Get off at "La Vista Kannonzaki Terrace/Yokosuka Art Museum Mae (about 35 minutes) on the bus bound for "Kannonzaki" (S24), and walk about 2 minutes.


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