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Sangenjaya is an area within the Setagaya district in Tokyo. The name Sangenjaya means "three tea houses", but the locals often refer to it simply as 'Sancha'. The neighbourhood is littered with chic cafes and bustling izakayas. It is also known for its 27-storey high Carrot Tower building, the Setagaya Line tram, and for being the inspiration for various settings in the game Persona 5.  



三軒茶屋 (แผนที่) (ทิศทาง)


Sangenjaya Station


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ร้านอาหารโร โท มาทางิ ซันเกนจาย่า

ร้านอาหารโร โท มาทางิ ซันเกนจาย่า

Onlada Chollavorn

โร โท มาทางิเป็นร้านอาหารสไตล์ง่ายๆใกล้สถานีซันเกนจาย่าที่มีความพิเศษในเรื่องของเนื้อกวางและอาหารเรียกน้ำย่อยต่างชาติ




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Located right next to the vast Shinjuku Central Park, THE KNOT TOKYO Shinjuku is a modern boutique hotel with convenient access to nearby Shinjuku Station..

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โรงแรม ฟุคุดายะ

โรงแรม ฟุคุดายะ

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Fishing Restaurant Zauo Meguro

Located right outside Meguro Station, this is a restaurant where you can eat the fish you catch yourself in one of the two tanks. Serves all kinds of..

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Highball Bar Sunny-Side 1923

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Yakiniku Futago Gotanda

Enjoy some yakiniku meat at this popular Japanese BBQ restaurant. The limited "Hamideru Kalbi" (Japanese black beef rib), comes recommended by regulars...

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Komazawa Olympic Park

Komazawa Olympic Park located on land in both Meguro and Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan, is a sports facility that was constructed for the 1964 Summer Olympics...

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Gotokuji Temple

5 (3 รีวิว)

Gotokuji Temple is an Edo-period Buddhist temple that's referred to as the birthplace of the maneki neko. Located in Setagaya, Tokyo, Gotokuji temple..

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Shibuya Fukuras

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