Welcome to Ise Shima Toba

Journey to the edge of the Shima Peninsula in eastern Mie prefecture, and discover a coastal resort bestowed with panoramic views, natural onsen and rich and diverse marine and sealife industries.

Enjoy panaramic views of the ocean at Ise-shima from the outdoor hot springs of Ijika Daiichi Hotel Kagura มากกว่า
The area of Okage Yokocho is a nostalgic street leading to Ise Naiku Shrine. It is lined with Edo and Meiji Era style buildings housing restaurants, tea shops and souvenir stores. มากกว่า
Tōshi Island in Ise-Shima National Park has a relaxed island atmosphere and delicious seafood. มากกว่า
Toba Aquarium is the only place you can see dugong in Japan. It has the greatest number of different species of any aquarium in Japan. มากกว่า
Meeting Japan's female Ama divers over a delicious seafood lunch with spiny lobster at Hachiman-Kamado, an Ama diver hut in Toba, Mie Prefecture. มากกว่า
Magnificent views of the inlets and Islands of Ise-Shima National Park spread out before you at Yokoyama Observation Point and Pearl Road Toba Observation Tower. มากกว่า
On Mikimoto Pearl Island in Toba you can learn all about cultured pearls and Kokichi Mikimoto, the 'Pearl King'. You can also watch a diving display by Ama divers. มากกว่า
A collection of photos from Ise Jingu during the busy New Year's season มากกว่า
Although Ise is mainly famous for Ise Jingu, it is also a very nice coastal city with other great sights to see like the Meoto-Iwa and the Futami Okitama Shrine. Both are definitely worth a visit! มากกว่า
With over 1000 cherry blossom trees, it is bar none Mie's most impressive sakura display มากกว่า
The Grand Shrine of Ise comprises two separate shrines, the Naiku and Geku. From ancient times, worshippers would visit the Geku first, then the Naiku. มากกว่า
Samurai Period Theme Park, Azuchi Momoyama Bunka Mura! มากกว่า