Things to Do in Iwate

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If you're visiting Iwate, check out this list of top tips and things to do to make the most of your time there.

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Genbikei Gorge

Genbikei Gorge

Sarah Mathews

Most people go to Hiraizumi for the temples listed as World Heritage Sites. However, you can’t go to this area and miss seeing..

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Hoonji Temple 9

Hoonji Temple

Chris Barnes

The Hoonji Temple is home to the famous 500 Buddhist Disciples. This unique attract is one of Morioka's best.

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Morioka Autumn Festival

Morioka Autumn Festival

Sep 14th - Sep 16th

Each year in September, the streets of Morioka come alive to celebrate the arrival of Autumn. The Morioka Aki Matsuri of the Morioka..

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Hiking Hachimantai's Nature Trail

Hiking Hachimantai's Nature Trail

Mandy Bartok

Travelers looking for an easy day hike with fantastic alpine scenery should head directly to Iwate Prefecture's Hachimantai..

Iwate Prefecture Top 10 Attractions

Iwate Prefecture Top 10 Attractions


Iwate Prefecture is the second largest prefecture in Japan home to historically significant destinations, rich natural landscapes,..

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