Summer in Japan

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Summer sees the temperatures climb to sweltering levels and the cicadas making a racket – otherwise this is the time gets outside to celebrate the clear skies.

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Abare Matsuri

Abare Matsuri

Early Jul

Abare Matsuri, or Rampage Festival, is an annual event in the town of Noto, Ishikawa. One of Japan’s most violent and fiery fe..

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Tenryu-ji Temple in Summer 8

Tenryu-ji Temple in Summer

Stefanus Husin

One of the attractions in Arashiyama is Tenryu-ji Temple and it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage. In summer, you will see the..

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Mt. Fuji: A Day-trip Climb

Mt. Fuji: A Day-trip Climb

Jessica A Paje

Mt Fuji, the majestic, sacred, and highest mountain in Japan, should not be underestimated when planning to hike it with the goal..

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Central Park Family Pool

Central Park Family Pool

Paul Walsh

Although only open for a couple of months a year, the outdoor Family Pool, located right downtown, can be a life saver during Hiroshima's..

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