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Farm to Table

Dining under the apple trees (เครดิตรูปภาพ: Tom Roseveare)

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The farm to table dining movement is steadily growing in Japan, with the trend of locally-sourced ingredients, often natural or organic, making their way to the dinner table of Japan's restaurant-goers.

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Fruit Farm Kato: Food Camp 2021

Fruit Farm Kato: Food Camp 2021

Tom Roseveare

The Food Camp series of Fukushima experiences brings farm and table as close as they can get, with fine dining in the fields and..

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Shabu Shabu: Let Us

Shabu Shabu: Let Us


Shabu Shabu Let Us is a new take on the traditional Japanese shabu-shabu experience. New to Nakameguro in September 2017, it promises..

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