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Cherry Blossom in Chugoku

Yamaguchi University campus (เครดิตรูปภาพ: Steph Newman)

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Explore the best cherry blossom spots in the Chugoku region.

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Sakura Beauty in Hiroshima 11

Sakura Beauty in Hiroshima

JJ Walsh

Hiroshima castle, peace pagoda, Mt.Ogonzan and Hijiyama park offer wonderful views and fantastic blossoms to enjoy a hanami picnic..

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Sakura at the Hiroshima Mint

Sakura at the Hiroshima Mint

Paul Walsh

Think you've missed the cherry blossoms? Not so fast! Over 50 varieties of beautiful, late bloomers at the Hiroshima Mint. For..

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Hanami in Hiroshima Peace Park

Hanami in Hiroshima Peace Park


Even if you are in Japan or planning to visit during the season, perhaps you've never considered Hiroshima as a cherry blossom..

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